Magic Makers 2013: the list!

We’re thrilled to present a wonderful roster of artists and crafters at the Winter 2013 Magic Makers Queer Art & Craft Fair.

Adee Roberson, Sarah ‘Sass’ Biscarra-Dilley, & Grace Rosario Perkins / Black Salt Collective | Paintings, gem/flower essences, prints, records, and jewelry
Jen Lorang / Alchemilla | Jewelry, prints, hand-bound journals, and other magical ephemera
Moonroot Collective | MOONROOT is an ongoing collective project about race, gender, and bodies that began in 2011. As self-identified womyn, trans*, and genderqueer persons of Asian Pacific Islander (API) descent living in diaspora (whether East Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, West Asian, hapa and/or mixed), MOONROOT is an attempt at deep community building across borders and geographies. It is an evolving experiment in building loving, radical community, and attempt at carving a small, but sacred, space for the voices of womyn, trans*, and genderqueer persons of Asian Pacific Islander descent that continues to grow.
Danielle Jackson / Babe Alert | magical jewelry, tinctures and sprays
Finn Lee / Lostboy Illustrations |  illustrations, affirmation art, home made banners
Kamau Walton / Rising Crow | an outlet for art, politics, and healing, featuring jewelry, body care products, and baking/catering services
Elokin / Shooting Star Botanicals | herbal medicine in the form of tinctures, flower essences, ritual bath salts and cleansing scrubs, herbal creature companions and wearable healing crafts.
Kristyn McKee | enchanting necklaces, earrings, rings, and gem essences
Jonah Aline Daniels / Narrow Bridge Candles | 100 % locally sourced Beeswax, Jewish and (non-Jewish specific) Ritual Candles in support of the Palestinian call for Boycott of Israeli goods
Finn Cunningham / Oakes Botanicals | herbal protection oils, ritual bath salts, essences and herb infused candles for various intentions, as well as herbal first aid kits and other accessible and affordable medicines.
Taylor Zarkades King | one of a kind illustrations, silkscreen & letterpress prints, and jewelry
Lacey Johnson / Lazorcakes Laboratories | dolls, fake taxidermy, gargoyles, textiles, buttons and pendants
Sonya Rifkin and Rosie Lopez / Sosi Crafts | Blockprinted &hand-sewn sachets, oil cloth wallets, bicycle top-tube protectors
Shayna Why | Art, comic books, and silkscreened underpants made from recycled materials
Francis Mead / Warrior Creations | Warrior Creations is a series of art cards carrying radical messages of love, community, empowerment, culture and struggle
Oscar Maynard | screenprints, letterpress, lino and woodblock prints, as well as papercuts, stencils, and carved gourds
Caro Reyes / Love Magic | Small clay calaveras, Calavera earrings, astrology and self-love postcards
Melissa Pak Coates / Greenhorse | Leather body harnesses, leather belt/suspender combos, smaller leather necklaces & accessories
The Lady Miss Vagina Jenkins / Finery | femme, vintage, fabulous sparkly things rooted in burlesque style
Voula O’Clock and Lex Non Scripta / Wild Fancy | prints, papercuts, custom metal-stamped jewelry

The healing space will be tended by the brilliance and wisdom of:
Nine of Keys Enneagram Assessments | 1:15-2:45
Brown Star Girl Tarot | 3-4:30
Ray Himmelman Bodywork | 4:45-6:15
Lucien Mae Astrology | 6:30-8