Save the date: 12.14.14

MAGIC MAKERS is an intentional space of celebration of a queer art & crafting community, centered on political and social awareness, a diversity of artists and vendors, and resistance to cultural appropriation in craft show trends.

We are so thrilled to be announcing the return of MAGIC MAKERS: a showcase, celebration, and marketplace for queer artists.

Returning after last year’s amazing and inspiring event, we are excited to announce that MAGIC MAKERS will return on Sunday, December 14, 2014 at Humanist Hall in Oakland.

Turnout and sales last year were incredible, and we are expecting this year to be even bigger. This time around, with a new venue, we’ll have twice as much space for more vendors, food, healing, and gay times.

This year, we are excited to feature artists, crafters, herbalists, sweet & savory chefs, queer barbers and stylists, a bar with custom drinks, and a big healing space.

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