MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Cantos De La Tierra Healing Art

As the two week countdown to MAGIC MAKERS 2014 begins, we are excited to begin showcasing some of the amazing artists that will be joining us December 14th.

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Cantos De La Tierra is the creative work of Bernice Dimas, who is excited to bring culturally inspired queer xicana infused art and herbal medicine to Magic Makers. She began making earrings for herself in 2008 and after getting so many compliments and requests, her journey began.


Cantos De La Tierra will also be featuring herbal salves and tea blends which Bernice began making this year after treating her own wounds from a car accident. She has been a student of Atava at Ancestra Apothecary in Oakland for almost 3 years now and was able to blend the knowledge of the plants from classes with her own knowledge from the relationship she developed with them after the accident.

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We asked Bernice how her identity informs her creative process:

“My identity deeply informs my work and herbal medicine. Salves, or like we call them in spanish “Pomadas”and Teas were commonly used at home when I was growing up. My mom pretty much medicated us with home remedies and rarely took us to the hospital unless it was an emergency. The herbs that I use along with what I choose to name each blend is also influenced by my culture. For example, my “Sana Sana Pomada” is inspired by a spanish saying, “Sana Sana Colita de Rana, Si no Sana Hoy, Sanara Mañana.” Family members would always say that when a little kid got hurt. The “Dicho” or saying is about allowing your wound to heal today or tomorrow. It helped the little ones not focus so much on the pain but on its healing. Im a doula and support queer/trans birthing people so I also try to use gender inclusive language in my products. For example, I have salve called ‘Pregnant Belly Salve” that is for pregnant people acknowledging that not all pregnant people are or consider themselves women.”

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“I hope to see more people making work with intention. Work that is helping our community and work that is actually offering them something new and creative. I want us to make medicine, trust our process, and to know that our work is important. Queer people have a beautiful medicine that is needed in our world.”

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We are thrilled to have Cantos De La Tierra Healing Art joining us this year.

To see more of her incredible work, check out her website and feel free to follow her Instagram .