Maker Spotlight: Steadfast Herbs

Finn and Lauren created Steadfast Herbs after years of making herbal remedies for themselves and friends.They spent years envisioning a Community Supported Herbalism model and began Steadfast earlier this year, offering locally harvested, handcrafted remedies for cultivating physical, mental, and emotional well being.

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Besides offering a Seasonal Herbal Share, Steadfast Herbs is excited to be offering their new Herbal Kit for Magic Makers. It has 3 tinctures, 2 salves, an antiseptic spray, an info card and a canvas bag for toting it around. We think it has just about everything you’d need to keep you healthy when you’re on the go.

             Fall Small Share small         chamomile on bike

Both Lauren and Finn believe that health is political, care is essential and bodies are resilient.  We asked them about the challenges facing them as queer business owners:  “One of the challenges we face is wanting to provide remedies that are affordable while also being able to pay ourselves for all the time and labor we put into creating our remedies. Harvesting everything ourselves feels really crucial, but it also takes time out from our other paid gigs.Trying to create a business as anti-capitalists is an interesting and challenging experiment. Offering the share on a sliding scale and donating medicines to organizations we support are currently part of our business model. “


“I think for both of us queer identity is pretty expansive. It means remaking the narratives we were given about ourselves and the world. Queer means talking to plants, and listening to dirt and challenging industrial capitalism and examining settlerism and white supremacy, and leaving room in our lives for mystery and magic.”


We cant wait to see more of everything Steadfast Herbs is creating at Magic Makers! For more about them, please check out their website!