Healer Highlight- Deb Malkin, Radical Being Bodywork

We are honored to present one of our wonderful healers who will be offering services at our mini Healing Arts Center at Magic Makers this weekend. Stay tuned to see meet all the other brilliant healers who will be there, and arrive early to sign up and receive a session.

From 12:30-2:30 on Sunday, rbbpromo-01.72 Deb Malkin “will be offering 10-20 minute seated massage sessions for folks at Magic Makers, asking $1 a minute with 100% of the proceeds being split between the Black Lives Matter Ferguson Bail and Support Fund and The Eric Garner Family Support Fund.

Seated massage can be amazingly relaxing, allowing the body to be held by the supportive chair (weight rated for over 600lbs). Our time is
spent mostly focusing on the upper body, back, neck and shoulders to
de-stress, work out knots, and mobilize joints for a better range of
motion. It’s a time to breathe deep and allow the healing power of the
parasympathetic nervous system to engage. A 10 minute chair massage is
an awesome reboot, an opportunity to ground and recharge the energy to
keep fighting.

My work is inspired by the needs of people of size; offering body
positive, safe and non-judgmental healing bodywork including massage,
cupping and manual lymphatic drainage. My practice is located in both
East Oakland and Berkeley. My practice is inclusive of people of all
sizes, disabled people, lesbian, gay, queer, trans* or gender
non-conforming people. In order to help make massage accessible to
these communities, I have a sliding scale rate of $40-$80 an hour.”