Today we are featuring the magical creations of artist and witch, Jessika Fancy.  Jessika makes original pieces of wearable art, one of a kind astrological jewelry, and healing gem essences and potions.

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We asked Jessika about the work she will be bringing to Magic Makers:  “I’m really excited about my full moon in Taurus tote bag and my one of a kind moon ceramic necklaces…. I’ve been creating ever since I can remember. Making art, potions, gem essences feeds me like nothing else does. Sharing my work and magic and hearing people tell me how it has helped them is truly transformative work for me.”


For Jessika, her queer identity deeply informs her creative process:  “Who I am and what I’m about, I think comes through in a lot of my work. Like for example, my drawings on shirts and tote bags, I hope they serve as like a secret queer handshake in a way! I also hope it serves as a reminder that folks with longer nails, especially femme identified folks who present in a strong feminine manner can still very much fuck (cotton balls inside gloves situation) and that the misogynistic views that come attached to people’s assumptions about femme bodies can be examined in a deeper way.”


“I hope we keep creating, fighting and surviving ten times harder and stronger then we already are.”


We are so excited to have Jessika at Magic Makers this Sunday! You can check out more of her work at her Etsy Shop!