Warrior Creations is the work of Francis Mead, who creates ink drawings and cards designed to inspire us all to move in radical directions of love and community. Her latest work is being inspired by the current movement;  “I have been very excited by the rebellion erupting across this country against white supremacy. It has inspired me to create more and push my style in a way that is relevant to the conditions my peoples are going through. This has resulted in a new series of drawings and cards that I am excited to be debuting at Magic Makers!”


“Living as a queer Black womyn of color in the White man’s colonized world I do not have the luxury to create something that isn’t a reflection of my peoples or my identity. Never ‘ art for art’s sake’ (whatever that means), my art is always a response to the conditions around me, as well as a tool for rebellion and healing.”


“I envision expanding my Warrior Creations project through collaborating with other artists and collectives. I want to build solid networks of warrior artists to support one another in manifesting our dreams. I want to ground my art in communal practices that will inspire and move my people in radical directions of love and community. The challenges I see are figuring out how to sustain these networks, but sustaining community in a world that doesn’t value community will always be a challenge, but it is a beautiful and righteous one.”


“I am committed to building a creative queer community that understands our queerness is a form of rebellion against the system. That our creativity is a reflection of that rebellion and inspiration for it. I want to see a queer creative community that cares for each other through this process of liberation. That understands the nourishing importance of our art to destroy, heal and rebuild. I hope to see a liberated queer creative community building the world we want to see and live in. A world where we are able to live freely in our bodies and spirits.”


We cannot wait to see Francis’ work in person and support these visions– come check out Warrior Creations on Sunday at Magic Makers and you can look at more of their work on Etsy!