MAKER SPOTLIGHT: be real body

opened productsBe Real Body is stoked to bring lovingly handmade, 100% natural, small batch bath ‘n body goods for the body, mind and spirit. Our products contain vital minerals, herbs, & essential oils that work to detox the body, quiet the mind and reduce nerve + joint pain, muscle soreness, & swelling.

UntitledAs queer women with lived experiences of chronic pain and degenerative illness, we know how crucial, yet difficult it can be to engage in acts of self care to combat the bullshit of ongoing oppression and stress. Our business was born of necessity, as we were unable to find bath/beauty products that wouldn’t make us sick. As such, everything that we sell is formulated for the chemically sensitive among us. Many of our items, such as the scrubs and soaks, were designed to help ease chronic pain symptoms.

berealbody Our products are rooted in the idea that healing looks all kinds of ways, with self care being one of the most powerful.

berealbody1A close up of our coconut milk + honey Be Real Present soak


We love, support, and uplift small, local, responsible, radical, queer/trans, black-owned and womyn-owned collectives and businesses. We are so excited to be a part of Magic Makers this year and to expand the network of folks that we can support and partner with.