MAKER SPOTLIGHT: decolonize your diet


We will be selling our newly released cookbook, Decolonize Your Diet: Mexican-American, Plant Based Recipes for Heal and Healing. We will also sell some Mexican culinary herb bundles harvested from our own garden (organic and planted with an abundance of magic and intention).

UntitledOur book tells the story of our queer, Mexican survival from breast cancer and we propose a politic that would value the lives and knowledge of immigrants and indigenous people. The recipes in our book contain magical elements that are meant to make us strong so we can fight for liberation.Untitled3As queer Chican@s, we are trying to liberate the kitchen and reclaim ancestral knowledge. We want to share the beautiful diversity and health benefit of MesoAmerican heritage foods.


For our queer community, we hope to see magic, brujería, love, and healing in all its manifestations.

Check out their website for more about this amazing project.