MAKER SPOTLIGHT: narrow bridge candles

Narrow Bridge Candles is a Jewish ritual candlemaking project in support of the full Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel.


Narrow Bridge Candles owner, Jonah Daniel has been making 100%  beeswax candles and herbal medicine since 2008. Jonah will also be bringing small batches of low alcohol single herb tinctures mostly from plants that they grow, in addition to other medicinal products.


“I identify as a radical which to me means caring about the roots of things. The history that informs current social conditions and movement struggles, the energetics and materials processes that compose the things we use in our daily lives.”

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“I am committed to the extrication of Jewish spiritual and ritual practices from the racist and homophobic ideology and practices of Zionism and in fighting for the liberation of Jewish people through making more space for ritual with liberatory potential.”

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“I am working to build a home that is a beautiful rural respite and a resource for creative queer community. I hope that my home space is increasingly a place that individuals and groups of people will visit to engage in ritual, political work, and creative process.”
For More about Narrow Bridge Candles, check out their website!