MAKER SPOTLIGHT: beyond deep

BEYONDEEP was founded by two black queer lovers and artists. Our art is part of our activist lifestyle. We put our identity and intentions into our creations and hope to spread love, empowerment and healing to our community.


Beyond Deep will be bringing a wide selection of handmade jewelry and accessories, fine art prints, and poetry chapbooks.

stone and copper pendants

We envision creating healing jewelry and accessories that are accessible price and style wise to a wide range of people. The challenges we face are stretching our imaginations to appeal to more people’s aesthetics while keeping our prices affordable.

BEYONDEEP (GK) at Black Love

We use many found, recycled and inherited materials in our pieces and we try to provide our art at affordable prices and support/trade with others in the spirit of collective self-determination. We hope for our queer creative community to help sustain each other spiritually and economically when possible.


For more work by Beyond deep check out their website!