Pansy Press is the print art of Ary and Corey. Ary is excited to share their snapshots of magical realism a la relief printmaking, as well as a few sassy postcards and celebrations of queer crushing. Corey looks forward to bringing stories of queer ancestry and myth to the fair.pansy

Ary’s work speaks to their genderqueerness and politicized queer identity, from the subtle (portraits of their favorite shoes) to the specific (Fuck The Patriarchy postcards). Their work is grounded in a scrappy, DIY aesthetic forged by life in queer homesteading projects and cooperative living, and a celebration of simple joys of self-care. Corey’s draws inspiration from his queer, trans, and spiritual identities to connect with community, discover ancestors, and geek out on mythology through art.

Hanky Code

Both Corey and Ary dream of a queer creative community that can recognize us all as creators and aficionados, regardless of formal training, professional status, or cultural capital. We hope that voices and identities that have been marginalized are uplifted and brought to the forefront.


To Check out more from Pansy Press check out their two websites.