Jo Boyer is excited to bring uniquely queer-hand made ceramic pieces to Magic Makers this year. static1.squarespace-1

Jo uses clay to translate the intersecting feelings of home, isolation, transformations, nature and life cycles.


In gender, business and creative process I am fluid. I do not like my gender or art to be boxed in. I also approach business in a way that I feel will not compromise my artistic or queer integrity. Sometimes it feels like its not the easiest route, but I believe if I stay true to my values as a queer and as an artist, it will always work out in the end…and it has.


I would like to go bigger with my work and also get the community involved in learning about ceramics. The main challenge right now for me is that I do not have the studio space and facilities that I need.


In the queer community I would like to see just overall support and acceptance. I would like to see mutual respect and appreciation for queers in whatever their creative path might be. I would like to see more space for queers and less capitalist pressure.


You can check out more of Jo’s amazing work on her website.