MAKER SPOTLIGHT: art by francis


I am a visual artist and dreamer. the intention behind my craft is to inspire/nurture collective liberation.


My illustrations and visual pieces are adornment for your home, altar, sacred spaces, and they reflect y(our) inner divinity, as well as honor ancestors and revolutionary ideas.


As a queer Black womyn the intention behind my art is to decolonize the consciousness and the world. it is reflected in the visuals and the words i feature in my illustrations, often featuring warrior ancestors, revolutionary ideas, and qtpoc.


I will have illustrated hand made cards featuring affirmations i have created as well as quotes from Zora Neale Hurston and Octavia Butler. I will also offer my new ‘Eye See the God in You’ affirmation banner, which will feature three illustrations screen printed on 3 pieces of fabric, featuring affirmations that nurture our fierce spirits!


i strive to make my art affordable and accessible to the people. i often donate and do a lot of community art work for free, as well as collaborate in creating pieces with and for Black and brown people.

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