MAKER SPOTLIGHT: dapper quail


We area a queer and trans best friend duo of artists who take pride in creating individualized goods filled with intention and love. We believe that self expression is a form of freedom that is can be an healing act, especially for queer and trans individuals.


We make handcrafted pronoun pins, felt flowers, and jewelry that promote political and social awareness of trans issues and people. The colorful button pins offer a subtle way to communicate preferred gender pronouns. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of pronoun pins will be donated to the Transgender Law Center in Oakland.


Our art revolves around personal expressions of identity. We believe in creating accessories and clothes that make queer and trans people feel excited about how they look.


We want to increase the diversity of queer produced fashion and home goods in order to provide a range of choices that promote pride and visibility


One of our founders is also the progenitor of Rackidermy, a line of sleek wall racks constructed from recycled bicycle parts that resemble mounted animal heads.

We’re excited to connect with you at Magic Makers 2015!