MAKER SPOTLIGHT: whisperyell designs




Annah Anti-Palindrome is a bay-area based musician/Optical Sound-Smith, writer, and queer/femme antagonist who hails from the working-class craters at the base of the Sierra Foothills. For Magic Makers 2015 she will be making hand bound books/ journals, cat toys, light switch covers, salves & syrups.


Being a working-class queer informs my priorities as an artist. Being able to participate in & support DIY queer economies is super important to me. Also, the creation of art that is both affordable to make AND buy is directly informed by my identity.


For my book-making projects I will use as much recycled material as possible. For the cat-toys I hope to use sustainably harvested, organic cat-nip & fabrics with non-toxic dyes.


See more of this multi-talented artist on her website or on Facebook