MAKER SPOTLIGHT: three cowries

My current projects all center around the act of expressing “spirit” and communing with “The Goddess”.


My offerings and artwork are meant to help reconstruct and heal the connections we have to our maternal ancestors, assist in re-grounding us to the Earth, as well as celebrate and protect the magic that exists within us all.


As a black womxn — with a very strong  African and African-America maternal legacy — I often consider how much womxn and femme oriented humans must balance, endure, and hold space for within our time in this Earthly realm. Much of my work as a healer, daughter, and cosmic conduit has been devoted to celebrating the connections we have to the Earth and our various “Mothers”.

Three Cowries Tote #1

I’m excited to bring my genuine belief that by interacting with plants, the Goddess, ritual, and our ancestors we can heal ourselves, those who lived before us, and this world!

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