MAKER SPOTLIGHT: yes! grits!

We are southern , queer femmes who have interrogated the misogyny, white supremacy and jingoism we were raised on and come out on the other side knowing that our love for food and feeding folks is our most revolutionary gift!


We’re just really excited to do the thing we love- “feeding the people!” We only want to feed our folks. We toyed with the idea of become petit capitalists and slanging grits wherever they were needed. But mostly we only get excited about feedinng YOU/our people. Thats as big as we want to be right now, as big as our beloved community.


Yes!GRiTS! has only been a pop-up for a lil over a year, but good friends Krista and Vag have been one-upping each other with their culinary skills for years.


Check out our new veggie scramble topping, herbivores spoke-we listened!

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