M∆GIC M∆KERS will showcase, celebrate, and support our inspiring and creative community with a beautiful and abundant craft show this winter!

M∆GIC M∆KERS was born out of a desire to create a marketplace for bay area queer artists to have an opportunity to sell their work to their peers, gain exposure and get the chance to support other queer artists.

Being crafters in the “mainstream craft world” we are tired and frustrated with witnessing and experiencing heteronormativity, cultural appropriation in craft show trends, the lack of diversity of artists and vendors, simply, the general lack of political and social awareness.

We want our crafters to dream! We want our crafters raunchy, witchy and freaky! We want a space where queers can support each other in financial and celebrated ways.  We want to support folks who give a shit about where their materials come from and how they create their work! We want artists/crafters that are storytellers, healers, and playful dreamers.

This winter, come celebrate queerness during the holidays. This is about supporting the kind of community we want to create. Where artists and makers are recognized and paid for their magical creations. Underground local economies that celebrate the magic in all of us. We are going to create a space with twinkling lights, seasonal foliage, spicy and warm drinks, and a delicious snack table. What better place to get all of your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop?

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