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MAKER SPOTLIGHT: yes! grits!

We are southern , queer femmes who have interrogated the misogyny, white supremacy and jingoism we were raised on and come out on the other side knowing that our love for food and feeding folks is our most revolutionary gift!


We’re just really excited to do the thing we love- “feeding the people!” We only want to feed our folks. We toyed with the idea of become petit capitalists and slanging grits wherever they were needed. But mostly we only get excited about feedinng YOU/our people. Thats as big as we want to be right now, as big as our beloved community.


Yes!GRiTS! has only been a pop-up for a lil over a year, but good friends Krista and Vag have been one-upping each other with their culinary skills for years.


Check out our new veggie scramble topping, herbivores spoke-we listened!

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MAKER SPOTLIGHT: nature as muse

As my identify flows, my creativity flows.

lavender dream pillow

I started my jewelry line in 2010

Trim Necklace, 28 inch, Vintage Trim, Bamboo, Metal, Cording, Gold, 2013

I am in the middle of creating new offerings. There are several things to think about when maintaining a business especially in the context of a society and economy that is in a questionable flux and change. My hope is that as long as i have something great to offer, The Universe will support me.

4 grant

I am excited to bring my design and my eye to magic makers. I offer an originality in my work and a sustainable and ethical business model.

9 grant -

Check out more of Nature As Muse’s line on etsy  and on Facebook

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: little spoon creamery


Handmade small batch ice cream made with ♥ by queer ice cream lovers! 

Ice Cream Photo 2

Flavor inspiration comes from growing up as an Asian-American in SF, eating black sesame treats and Hot Cheetos. You’ll find these snacks and more sneaking into our ice creams.

Ice Cream Photo 1

Our vision is to create more unique flavors, offering a large variety of vegan and gluten free ice creams.


We’re hoping to become a regular mobile ice cream vendor.

Check out more adorable queers making and eating ice cream on Little Spoon Creamery’s instagram @littlespooncreamery

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: three cowries

My current projects all center around the act of expressing “spirit” and communing with “The Goddess”.


My offerings and artwork are meant to help reconstruct and heal the connections we have to our maternal ancestors, assist in re-grounding us to the Earth, as well as celebrate and protect the magic that exists within us all.


As a black womxn — with a very strong  African and African-America maternal legacy — I often consider how much womxn and femme oriented humans must balance, endure, and hold space for within our time in this Earthly realm. Much of my work as a healer, daughter, and cosmic conduit has been devoted to celebrating the connections we have to the Earth and our various “Mothers”.

Three Cowries Tote #1

I’m excited to bring my genuine belief that by interacting with plants, the Goddess, ritual, and our ancestors we can heal ourselves, those who lived before us, and this world!

To see more, follow Three Cowries on instagram, @yetundeolagbaju



I am inspired  by everyday and discarded objects and all forms of busted, rusted and beautiful.


I have been making art and crafting for self expression, healing, and as a side hustle to help support myself since I was a kid.


Identity informs everything I do. As a queer mixed woman of color with working class and punk roots  I draw from the communities I come from and our traditions of craftsmanship and creativity.

disabledcrafter (1)

My vision is that all of my pieces are infused with the healing they have helped me with.

Come see more of Spinsters MC’s work at Magic Makers 2015!

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: manflora herbs

Manflora Herbals and Art is a queerly beloved life-long relationship between a brujafemme and her methods of creation.


Having always been drawn to asking questions about my ancestors and the history of our people in Mexico and the Southwest (particularly Texas), it was a natural move for me to begin exploring native healing methods with plants and indigenous foods.

manflora 2

As an artist, my work has been informed by my fascination with biology and the body, queerness, the shadow of the soul, and my Mexican-Scottish roots. Though my background is in sculpture, I work in photography, painting, fiber-arts, film, and printmaking. I am also enamorada con la palabra, canciones, y danza.

purple sage flower essence

Read more about Manflora Herbs on her website.