MAKER SPOTLIGHT: 10-minute portraits

Art empowers me to represent my identity and my body as a mixed race, Muslim, queer, brown non-binary femme nerd without compromising my vision by someone else’s vocabulary.


Through art, I can illustrate my identity with a complexity, depth and nuance that I cannot achieve using language.


My vision for my current portrait project is to provide 100% participant satisfaction while being fully present and seeing each person, producing art at my maximum technical skill, and my maximum capacity as a healer and art therapist. This is a new practice for me, and is always a challenge, especially within a 10 minute time limit.

I’m excited for the opportunity to see and draw my community as they want to be seen and drawn.

To see more of Roxana’s 10 minute portraits and other art, use her instagram handle @rox_inx


MAKER SPOTLIGHT: ritual & repeat

Ritual & Repeat offers Neo-Hoodoo herb blends that can be smoked, brewed as a tea, or added to your bath!


There are so many people who can benefit from herbal coping tools -especially smokers- who just don’t have easy access or are less familiar with the magic.


Recovering and integrating the wisdom of my ancestors is central to my work. A lot of folks are unfamiliar with the Hoodoo tradition- the practical magic of enslaved Black folks in the Mississippi Delta and their descendants, in conversation with Native American herbal knowledge, Christianity, and the European grimoire.


I’m excited to offer [them] as tools for coping, spiritual manifestation, or a harm-reduction alternative to nicotine or THC.

Find more of Ritual and Repeat’s smoking blends on Facebook!

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: terrarium therapy


I’ve been creating since I was a toddler, drawing pictures for my friends and making jewelry. I remember watching my mom explore different crafts, projects, and I was constantly around her creative energy.


When I’m feeling process-ey or reflective, drawing comes easier for me than writing, and a common theme centers on plants and the ocean. I’m excited to share some of my drawings and (brief) writing.


I started making little moss jars and then found more creative ways to take those with me as I traveled and commuted. It was a way for me to center and meditate whenever I felt uneasy.


Check out terrarium therapy on instagram: handle @terrariumtherapy

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: jessika fancy


My identity informs so much of what I do! When I create I’m creating for my community and the people I love.


I’m excited to bring new things like my hand painted crystal water oracle deck that I have been working on for over a year.


I hope my oracle deck reaches as many people as possible and that it becomes a part of peoples healing tools.

Check out Jessika Fancy’s etsy page or just come buy her goods at the fair!

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: art activist Nia

Nia King is a multimedia journalist whose work focuses on political art by women, queer people and people of color. She is the author of Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives and the host and producer of We Want the Airwaves podcast.


I am excited to bring my book Queer & Trans Artists of Color and my zines about trying to make a living as an artist.

I am a queer artist of color and much of my work is about highlighting other queer and trans artists of color.

I am currently working on Queer & Trans Artists of Color, Volume 2.

Read more about Nia and her work on her tumblr, facebook or website.

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: love letters for liberation

When someone brings me an idea for a print I listen for a deep resonance and imagine how it would feel to wear a concept.


Being left out of the representation of so many places as a Black Queer person, it’s an honor to try to create messages and images that pay homage to the too often invisible.

FullSizeRender 2

I’m stoked to bring clothes, patches, and stickers that spread messages of love and liberation for black queer and trans folks.


Come see more of Matice’s prints at Magic Makers 2015 or browse the goods on Etsy

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: femme science herbs


We love making medicine. We pride our work on centering adornment and grace. We believe that when people can take time to realize their medicine as beautiful, they can start to see it as a resources to their own personal divinity.


Our identities intersect in so many places, Blackness- Mixed Race- Working Class- Survivor- Queer and so we know there are a lot of factors that contribute to how and when people are able to access healing.


We believe queer communities already have everything they need to grow and sustain ourselves. We would love for our work to inspire and make place for someone else, just as so many other crafters, makers, healers have done for us. I would love for all of us to be able to fully realize all of the different skills and sweet treats we have to offer each other.

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